Saxdor Yachts is a privately owned Finnish manufacturer of high-quality yachts headquartered in Helsinki and founded by Sakari Mattila.

The Saxdor fleet consists of 4 model categories: 20, 27, 32, and 40 feet, and much more is planned for the future. Saxdor’s concept and cutting-edge design make Saxdor boats unique. The design team’s vision stems from a deep understanding of nautical markets and customer needs. Saxdor hulls offer a unique driving experience with lower fuel consumption, which is one of the key elements of the concept.

Saxdor is one of the fastest growing nautical companies in Europe. As of 2019, Saxdor has produced more than 1,000 boats. With the new shipyard, it is now able to greatly accelerate production. Today Saxdor employs more than 400 people in Finland and Poland.


The Saxdor design process starts with an innovative concept, which is the most important element in defining a new boat, and a thorough knowledge of the market.

The Saxdor design philosophy can be described as a combination of cutting-edge Italian design, American functionality, German quality, and competitive French prices combined with the Scandinavian way of boating.

Saxdor does not follow the crowd, but shows everyone a completely new approach to the use of space. Innovative boat design, in which every square inch has a purpose, is our way of establishing ourselves. Saxdor boats make heads turn!

Saxdor’s distinctive hull is always at the center of the design process. The two-step deep-V hull moves effortlessly through the waves and performs well even in strong sea conditions. The smart hull also improves fuel efficiency, which is one of the crucial elements of Saxdor’s design.

Saxdor’s design team, led by Sakari Mattila, includes designers, naval architects, engineers, and the shipyard’s research and development team. Every design decision must be carefully evaluated at every stage of the process-what the effect is on mass production. Cooperation with the production and design team during the process is essential.


The new Saxdora plant was built in 2022 and is located in Elk, Poland, and is designed specifically for boat production. This new plant significantly increases Saxdor’s production capacity, thus improving their ability to meet the strong market demand for their boats.


We apply the most advanced technologies in all stages of production, such as infusion lamination, automated warehouse systems, and the test tank for final control of the vessels’ functionality and quality.


All Saxdor vessels are produced by vacuum infusion. The vacuum infusion process, which causes the resin to form a laminate, avoids styrene emissions and ensures a healthy working environment for our workers.

The advanced vacuum infusion process makes the hull stronger and lighter, important features of the Saxdor concept.


As a responsible company, we are committed to working ethically and socially and environmentally responsible in all our activities.

We have a company-wide sustainability commitment that touches all aspects of our business: our products, operations and supply chain, sales, marketing and communications, and people. We are implementing technologies that support sustainable practices, such as vacuum infusion, recycled and reusable accessories, and materials that support sustainable production processes.

As for our people, we focus on being a great place to work, with an emphasis on safety, well-being, development, diversity and inclusion policies. We respect ethics internally and with all our partners through policies, commitment and training.